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Aditya S. Dulepet

Would you like to explore the cosmos of aerospace technology? Dangerous “Great Filters’’? What about the vast universes of advanced environmental sciences yet to be tested? A new Mars? I would. I think of these sometimes, but I am finally here writing about this now. Doesn’t it astonish you, thinking about the vast unknown technologies ready to be devised or the glory of a flourishing future?

It astonishes me. Everything that you just read above will be mentioned in detail here. By the end of this insightful article, You might as well become an astrophysicist yourself (just kidding, that is…

COVID-19 Vaccines

The Science Behind the Vaccines

There must be a few questions whizzing around your head about now, if not many.

If one of them is “What will the vaccine feel like?”, or “When can I get it?”, you have arrived at the right place. In this comprehensive article you will be informed about the science behind those injections, the rate they will be distributed, and so much more. By the end of this, you can be sure that you are informed and ready about this topic. Let’s dive in!

Some Healthcare Workers Refuse the Vaccine. Why?

The vaccine is probably what every healthcare worker wants. Why wouldn’t they? But per Los Angeles…

I have many important things, however I only chose three to put in my paper bag. The first item I chose was a soft, yellow ATP tennis ball. The second object I picked was a gleaming bronze catapult medal. The final keepsake I selected was a red LORD’S cricket ball. These are the three treasures I chose to keep in my paper bag.

The first souvenir I kept in my bag is a yellow, soft ATP tennis ball. This represents my hobby of playing tennis. I have liked tennis since I was little. My brother is a 6 UTR, and…

4:30 am, Sunday August 31, 1012 A.D.

Ding Doooooong! The bells pound on young Nickolas’s ears like they were a battle drum. “ 4:30 bells already?” groaned little Nick as he slumped out of his bed. Oh, how he wanted, so badly, to sleep just a little more.

Nick had deep sea blue wide eyes. His hair was the color of shiny, desert sand. He was lean and healthy.

However, he turned eight years old three days ago, and needed to begin training as a squire. Then he would be a courageous, loyal, strong, and intelligent knight!

But Tomorrow he…

I was enjoying a wonderful, glorious, quiet morning in my house with my joyful brother and sister. I was still exhausted by the grateful, peaceful, and amazing day I had just experienced the day before.

After my delicious breakfast, I raced up the staircase to find my brother sleeping as lazily as a beaten-up, neglected domestic warthog.

“Wake up!” I told my brother full of energy. I was shaking him as hard as a crazed buffalo.

“Okay.” sputtered my brother before he fell to sleep, falling with a loud, thud! “Wake me up in five minutes.”

“You NEED to get…

It was a bright, wonderful, sunny morning while Patt the rabbit was playing across the green meadow. A few minutes after when Patt the rabbit was munching on the lush, tasty, green grass, an enormous shadow appeared beside him. Slowly, fearfully, and steadily Patt raised his cute, chubby head. “Oh my gosh.” said Patt.

Boing! Boing! Boing! Patt raced across the grassy meadow when Yoshi (Yes it was Yoshi’s shadow), ripped through the green grass right behind him like a cheetah catching a poor gazelle.

“Come back you cute little brat!” Yoshi called. “I almost got you anyways.”

“Oh, no…

At 11:52 PM 10/29/607, the earth writhed with agony. I could hear people scream while I was in my bed. Suddenly I could feel the ground open beneath me. “Bye cruel world.” I calmly said. Then I fell. “Woah. Aaaah!” Those were my last words in the house. I could see my family getting helped out before I fell.

Wait! I need to introduce myself before I might meet my doom. My name is Aditya, i’m 14 years old, and my birthday is on the 30th of October. …

Aditya S. Dulepet

Hello, everyone, and thank you, even if you didn’t read my articles! Through my Tech YouTube channel and this page , I hope to produce to change the world!

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