My Grateful Winter

Aditya S. Dulepet
2 min readJan 12, 2018

I was enjoying a wonderful, glorious, quiet morning in my house with my joyful brother and sister. I was still exhausted by the grateful, peaceful, and amazing day I had just experienced the day before.

After my delicious breakfast, I raced up the staircase to find my brother sleeping as lazily as a beaten-up, neglected domestic warthog.

“Wake up!” I told my brother full of energy. I was shaking him as hard as a crazed buffalo.

“Okay.” sputtered my brother before he fell to sleep, falling with a loud, thud! “Wake me up in five minutes.”

“You NEED to get up!” I told him while I was rocking him like a rocking horse. We leave by 12:00! It’s already like, 10:50!

“What? Who wants to go to Redding? And we can go at 2:00. There’s no big deal about going late. No deadline or something like that!” Whined my big brother, before slumping back on the soft, silky, warm bed.

After a few hours into the afternoon, my family was getting my sister to eat her lunch (my sleeps-like-a-warthog-brother got up just about 5 minutes ago). “We’re eating at grandma and grandpa’s today,” my mom told us.

“But it’s already almost 11:30!” I said in horror pointing at my watch vigorously. Beep! Beep! Beep! Rang my watch as if it was helping me in the argument.

I looked at my dad to see if he could help me, but he looked as stunned as I did 30 seconds ago. Looks like we were going to have a late trip.

A few minutes later at around 12:00, we reached my grandparents’ house. There were already many, many many cars. Maybe we were going to Redding together. Little did I know a gigantic surprise was just waiting for my family and me.

I got out of my car. I was walking up the steps, I reached for the fancy doorbell. I rang it. I could hear a faint Diiing donnng!

The door swung open 30 seconds later, and someone picked me right off my feet and gave me a big, suffocating, bear hug. I realized it was my uncle. I was grateful to see him. I don’t know why, (probably just to breathe) but I took in a nice, peaceful, christmasish scent of him. I was grateful to not come to a monkey-house smelling home.

After a great, big, tasty lunch, (around 2:00) I sat ultra-lazy on a couch, kicked back, and enjoyed some really interesting Christmas specials.

At about 4:00, I was dragged out of the couch, pushed into my minivan with my cousin and family, and told to put my seat belt. Then, we simply just drove the long drive to this place called Redding.



Aditya S. Dulepet

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