I have many important things, however I only chose three to put in my paper bag. The first item I chose was a soft, yellow ATP tennis ball. The second object I picked was a gleaming bronze catapult medal. The final keepsake I selected was a red LORD’S cricket ball. These are the three treasures I chose to keep in my paper bag.

The first souvenir I kept in my bag is a yellow, soft ATP tennis ball. This represents my hobby of playing tennis. I have liked tennis since I was little. My brother is a 6 UTR, and has convinced me tennis is enjoyable. UTR is Universal Tennis Rating. It is enjoyable to me because I like how the satisfying sound comes in suddenly when you hit the ball, the idea of using control and power to hit a ball, and the technique of playing. Once, I even broke my favorite racket! It was a blue and white old standard US OPEN one. It reminds me that I like tennis and to push through and play my best at all times. There’s also this small town called Wimbledon. That is where the Wimbledon OPEN is held. We toured there, and my brother and I got each an ATP approved real tennis jackets! Looks like I don’t need to play tennis in the cold anymore! That was neat. That’s why I have a tennis ball in my bag. To represent my hobby of tennis.

The second object I selected was a 1st place gleaming bronze engineering medal for catapults. We beat 12 other teams and ours flew 63 feet! To earn this, we built and tested new designs every day. We also researched about how other catapults worked. The most useful was a diagram of a Roman design. A fact is we had built a four foot long catapult, just inside the size limit! I think you must know why I put that in my paper bag, right?

The final treasure I picked was a cricket ball from LORD’S. This ball is from England on April 6th, 2018. This is unforgettable because it was my first real cricket ball. A fact is that I saw a real cricket player. I’ll never forget my time in England!

Of all the items I think are special at home, I only thought these three were special enough. To represent my hobby I brought a soft, yellow tennis ball. For my accomplishment, I chose a catapult building medal. Last of all, I bought a red cricket ball in England to represent my favorite memory. These are my wonderful momentos I put in my paper bag.

Hello, everyone, and thank you, even if you didn’t read my articles! Through my Tech YouTube channel and this page , I hope to produce to change the world!

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